The Faces Behind The Code

The who, why and how Project Tevatron
came to be.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create educational opportunity for teachers and students

Our Mission

Our mission is to creating tools that help educators thrive in the ever changing landscape of education.

Our Plan

We know, our vision seems a little big, but we have a plan. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a powerful tool that allows educators to track their students growth.
  2. As we grow, take 10% of the revenue and create a foundation.
  3. Eventually take 20% of the revenue and put it into the foundation.
  4. Give away 50% of it in scholarships an the other 50% to provide technology in classrooms.

Learn more about The Kathryn Janusiak Foundation for Education.

Who Are We?

Roger Janusiak | CEO of Tevatron, LLC

From an early age I learned the importance of education. I also learned how hard it can be for educators because my mom was one. While talking with some of my high school science teachers we came up with Project Tevatron and I knew I wanted to make it right away because it could help teachers and give me a way to give back to those who created who I am.

Matt Sosso | Lead Mobile Developer

I have always loved being in a class room. The prospect of learning something, anything new, was motivation enough to go to school. My love only deepened when I got to high school where I discovered a love for physics and computer science. I'm happy to be able to use what I've learned to help others learn too. Even if they don't follow the same path I do, the ability to learn from anywhere at anytime is crucial.

Rose Janusiak | Social Media and Public Relations Coordinator

Whether it is dance or biology there is a joy in teaching someone else how to do something. The moment when there is a spark and the person you are teacher gets it is amazing. I love creating those moments and spreading the love of learning to everyone!